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Sleep Policy

Sleep Policy

At Rabbit Patch Day Nursery, we aim to ensure that all children have enough sleep to support their development and natural sleeping rhythms in a safe environment.

The safety of babies sleeping is paramount. Our policy follows the advice provided by The Cot Death Society and Lullaby Trust to minimise the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Please see sleep risk assessment form. We make sure that:

  • Babies are placed on their backs to sleep. If a baby has rolled onto their tummy, we turn them onto their back again unless they are able to roll from back to front and back again, on their own, in which case we enable them to find their own position
  • Babies and toddlers are never put down to sleep with a bottle to self-feed
  • Babies and toddlers are monitored visually when sleeping looking for the rise and fall of the chest and if the sleep position has changed
  • Checks are recorded every 10 minutes and as good practice we monitor babies under six months or a new baby sleeping during the first few weeks every five minutes until we are familiar with the child and their sleeping routines, to offer reassurance to them and families
  • Babies and children are never left to sleep in a separate sleep room without staff supervision at all times.

We provide a safe sleeping environment by:

  • Monitoring the room temperature
  • Using clean, light bedding or blankets and ensuring babies are appropriately dressed for sleep to avoid overheating
  • Only using safety-approved cots and other suitable sleeping equipment (i.e. mats) that are compliant with British Standard regulations
  • Using a firm and flat mattress and waterproof mattress covers in conjunction with a clean fitted sheet
  • Only letting babies sleep in prams if they lie flat and we have written permission from the parent
  • Enabling babies to sleep outdoors, where appropriate and with parent permission
  • Not using cot bumpers or cluttering cots with soft toys, although comforters may be given where required
  • Keeping all spaces around cots and beds clear from hanging objects i.e. hanging cords, blind cords, drawstring bags
  • Cleaning all bedding as required and at least weekly
  • Transferring any baby who falls asleep while being nursed by a practitioner to a safe sleeping surface to complete their rest
  • Having a No smoking/vaping policy.

We ask parents to complete forms on their child’s sleeping routine with the child’s key person when the child starts at nursery and these are reviewed and updated at timely intervals. If a baby has an unusual sleeping routine or a position that we do not use in the nursery i.e. babies sleeping on their tummies or in a sling, we will explain our policy to the parents and not usually offer this unless the baby’s doctor has advised the parent of a medical reason to do so. In such cases, we would ask parents to sign to say they have requested we adopt a different position or pattern on the sleeping babies form.

We recognise parent knowledge of their child with regard to sleep routines and will, where possible, work together to ensure each child’s individual sleep routines and well-being continues to be met. However, staff will not force a child to sleep or keep them awake against his or her will. They will also not usually wake children from their sleep.

Individual sleep routines are followed rather than one set sleep time for all children. We create an environment that helps to settle children that require a sleep, for example dimming the lights or using soft music, where applicable.  We will maintain the needs of the children that do not require a sleep and ensure they can continue to play, learn and develop. This may involve taking children outdoors or linking with other rooms or groups of children.

Staff will discuss with parents any changes in sleep routines at the end of the day and share observations and information about children’s behaviour if they do not receive enough sleep.

Sleeping twins

We follow the advice from The Lullaby Trust regarding sleeping twins while working with parents to maintain sleep routines and well-being.

Further information can be found at:

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31/10/2023 Chevelle White October 2024



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