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Potty Training policy

Potty training policy



We see toilet training as a self-care skill that children have the opportunity to learn with the full support and non-judgemental concern of adults.

No child will be potty trained until fully settled and secure within the nursery environment. Children will be encouraged not forced.

Each child will be individually monitored, and parents will be informed of the child’s progress. Initially your child will slowly be encouraged to use the toilet/potty at home.


If your child successfully uses the toilet on a regular basis and is beginning to understand when they feel they need to go, only then will parents request potty training to begin at nursery.

  • During the transitional period, it is paramount that each child’s self esteem and confidence remains high.
  • A record of each nappy change will continue to be logged on the nappy changing sheet.
  • Children training will be gently encouraged to sit on the toilet/potty every time they are changed.
  • Once they are ready, children will transfer from nappies to underwear (or pull-ups if necessary) and escorted to the toilet regularly.
  • We will ask you to ensure there is always 3 full sets of spare, labelled clothes in your child’s bag in case your child needs to be changed on more 1 than one occasion. (the nursery will not accept responsibility for unlabelled lost items).
  • Parents will be asked to dress their children in sensible clothing, easy to take on and off independently, no dungarees, belts or tricky buttons.
  • Children will be reminded to go to the toilet every 20-30 minutes by a member of staff and a record will be kept on their toileting throughout the day.
  • Accidents will be dealt with sensitively, although children will be encouraged to undress and redress themselves, staff will be there to offer support and offer reassurance.
  • If persistent accidents continue, we will advise that you may need to delay potty training for a short while and resume at a later date.
  • Staff will always give positive praise and encouragement after each visit to the toilet, reward charts may also be used.



This policy was adopted on Signed on behalf of the nursery Date for review
31/10/2023 Chevelle White October 2024


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