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Based in Plummers Plain, Lower Beeding, our nursery sits on 4 acres of land, more than half of that boasting our private woodland. The carefully designed, open, bright, and spacious building was done so, to enable views of our natural surroundings, and bifold doors in each room, means we always have access to our beautiful purpose-built garden.

The garden, developed to teach skills and provide opportunities has various areas, to interest, excite and engage the children. 

Our mud kitchen/area allows for the children’s curiosity, exploration, and experimentation. Mud play encourages creative thinking, where the children can freely create without fear of making mistakes, learning through experience, trial and error, contributing to their sense of self and helping to build confidence. 

With such a vast space, the children mix within age groups. This is important for learning how to be with others and gives the children the opportunity to play and learn together in an open-ended environment. 

“Children should have many opportunities for social interaction to develop intellectually.” Lev Vygotsky 1898-1934

Situated at the bottom of the garden, our much loved, and well used boats, large gravel construction area and sizable pond, teaming with wildlife, accessible only with supervision.

In the garden we house 4 hens,1 cockerel, 2 guinea pigs and 2 rabbits. Along with enjoying the company of the animals and the aesthetics. It is an important opportunity to build a love for animals at an early age and allow for the children to experience first-hand and learn to care and respect other living things.

As well as having the space to run freely, different sized mounds have been created to help encourage and develop physical activity, coordination, control, and movement.

In the wetter months, the hills themselves become slides for all to enjoy. All inclusive of a handmade, very muddle puddle at the bottom of each!

To the left of our garden, is the entrance to our private woodland and Prairie garden.

Our whole outside environment is constantly being developed to ensure we are meeting the needs of the individual children who attend our setting.

Works in progress/ongoing projects

Our prairie garden has been specifically designed to create a space for children to be immursed in nature by being able to walk in and around larger plants, surrounded by the aromatic smells of wild garlic and bluebells with a communal seating area and will host a poly tunnel so the children have a designated area for planting, growing, harvesting, and consuming their own produce!


We are have now started a new project of building a tree house, the children will be able to watch the project develop and have the chance to add their own little touches along the way.


All dietary requirements and preferences are catered to by our dedicated kitchen team Mandy and Helen. They work hard preparing and serving the children freshly cook meals and snacks daily across the nursery. The children also get to enjoy hands on activities such as making butter, cream cheese and fresh bread with Mandy, who also holds an NNEB. 

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