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Rabbit Patch Day Nursery 3 I's

What is our Intent, Implementation and Impact?

Ofsted states each nursery should have the 3 I’s by which they build their setting around.

We have developed these 3 I’s to help staff, parents and Ofsted understand our quality of education and how we strive to achieve this.


Our Intent:

At Rabbit Patch Day Nursery, we aim to create a home from home atmosphere, and encourage a culture of community.

Regardless of background or circumstance, we include all children, nurturing and immersing them in a welcoming environment that offers a range of diverse experiences, ensuring the children flourish and develop into enthusiastic little people with a zest for learning.

We respect each child as an individual and support inquisitive minds by valuing questions, so that children thrive during their learning experience with us.

Our Implementation:

For children to grow and develop, we must first establish secure relationships with them and their parents/carers, of whom we value as partners in their children’s education. We use this knowledge to create a play-based curriculum led by children and their interests with an emphasis on planning in the moment.

As children learn, we use a balance of small groups, adult led, focus children, large scale, and one to one activities to develop skills and knowledge of the world around us. The ever-changing environment around us offers stimulating and ambitious opportunities in which children are encouraged to develop resilience, confidence, and a sense of self.

To ensure a rich and positive learning environment is established and maintained, we have a highly trained, skilled, and experienced staff team here at Rabbit Patch Day Nursery, who are valued and respected for their participation in the effective running of Rabbit Patch each, and every day. As we play alongside our children, we are striving for excellence, always furthering skills and knowledge, pushing for continuous professional development to be the best that we can be, laughing and learning alongside our children.

Our Impact:

Our intent and the implementation of our values will allow us to be successful in creating a loving, nurturing, stimulating and safe environment to be enjoyed by all. A place where everyone is listened to, celebrated, and valued for being who they are. As a team, we endeavour to ensure all children are given opportunities to develop themselves and become successful and partaking members of our society.

Our facilities

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Disabled parking

Disabled toilet

Disabled access 

Private woodland & Prairie garden

On site kitchen

Free onsite parking

Separate staff room/meeting room