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The Rabbit Patch Journey

After gaining her foundation degree in Early Childhood Studies, founder of Rabbit Patch Alexandra Tabor decided to visit the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre in Reggio Emilia, Italy. After working in nurseries in Sussex for years, Alex had never experienced the child led aspect of learning and development, and empowering children to take pride in their own education.

The nurseries Alex found herself in had been lacking natural environments and that inclusive community feel. This is where the Rabbit Patch journey started. 

Coming from a family who run many successful businesses, Alex sought advice from her dad Doug, and the nursery dream began. 

It took over a year to find the location of Rabbit Patch Day Nursery and by chance while making the trip from Brighton to Lower Beeding to visit her then boyfriend, Alex drove past a house up for sale and after a bit of research we decided this was the right place for us. Getting to know her in-laws who raised their family up just across the road, I heard the stories of them walking their dogs in the woodland next to our new property and they would refer to it as the rabbit patch.

There is was! the name for our new nursery. Rabbit Patch Day Nursery. It took just over 10 months to create the setting you see today. The project was completed in September 2017.  In 2019 we were able to acquire the woodland and now Rabbit Patch Day Nursery actually includes the original ‘rabbit patch’.

Alex lives onsite with her husband, two children and trusty canine companion Toby, who makes regular visits to the children at nursery.

Quote from Alex

“My dream for Rabbit Patch was to create a place for children and families to come together with professionals and share the experience of Early Years together. In a place which inspires curiosity, creativity and a love for nature. I want Rabbit Patch to be a place where children can be children before they start their schooling journey. I feel very lucky to be living on site so I can be on call when needed and pop over to join in the fun whenever I can.”

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