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Multiple Birth Families Policy

Multiple Birth Families Policy

At Rabbit Patch Day Nursery, we ensure that all families are included and supported fully, no matter how big or small. There are more and more multiple births occurring in the UK, with twins, triplets and more. As a nursery we accommodate all families and work together with parents to ensure all children are treated as individuals and supported to make the best progress they can.

This policy should be read in conjunction with our Settling in policy and Parents as partners policy. In addition to these to support the needs of multiple birth families, we will:

  • Acknowledge multiple birth relationships as special and to be celebrated as well as encouraging children to develop as individuals
  • Work with parents to explore each child’s individual preferences, interests, needs and starting points including, where applicable, ways for staff to identify them
  • Complete individual forms for each child to discover their individual routines, specific requirements, dietary needs etc.
  • Recognise and celebrate all individual achievements
  • Report back on each child separately at the end of the day to the parents
  • Consider separation if this is beneficial for their development. Parents, and where appropriate the children, will be involved in the decision for when, where and how this may occur (e.g. focused activities, outdoor play)
  • Arrange parental consultations for each child. Each child will receive the same time during the consultation as any other child in the setting. Assessments will be shared based on their individual progress and comparisons between the children will not be made, any concerns will be discussed as per SEND policy
  • Understand that each child is unique and not expect them to behave in the same manner, excel in the same areas or enjoy the same activities.
This policy was adopted on Signed on behalf of the nursery Date for review
31/10/2023 Chevelle White October 2024


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