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Lock Down Policy

Lock Down Policy

We take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of children, staff and others on the premises, communicating policies clearly to staff on induction and through training.  Parents are informed about the procedures through the prospectus, website and reminders through newsletters.

In the event of an emergency requiring a full lock down, the following procedure will be implemented.

Lock down procedure

We will use the lock down procedure when the safety of the children, staff and others on the premises are at risk and we are better placed inside the current building, with doors and windows locked and blinds and/or curtains closed.

We will activate this emergency procedure in response to a number of situations, but some of the more typical might be:

  • A report incident or disturbance in the local community (with potential to pose a risk to staff and children in the nursery)
  • An intruder on the nursery site (with potential to pose a risk to staff and children in nursery)
  • A warning being received regarding a local risk of air pollution (smoke plumes, gas cloud etc.)
  • A major fire or explosion in the vicinity of the nursery – as long as it is safer staying in the premises than leaving.

In this case the staff will be notified by the following action:

Signal for lock down – walkie talkie radio signal, “PEANUT PEANUT“ followed by location of intrusion. Signal for all-clear – “all clear”

All individuals (including children) will remain in the area they are in, if safe to do so.  If the children are outside, staff are to promptly and calmly direct children into the building, if this will not endanger them. Staff will make efforts to close and lock doors wherever safe to do so.

All individuals will keep away from the windows and doors and children will be occupied in the centre of the room so they are not placed at risk or are able to see any situation developing outside.

Internal communications will be kept to a minimum.  Communication between rooms will be through internal telephones, intercom systems, two-way radios or mobile phones.

The manager will ensure all children, staff and visitors are accounted for and safe before returning to the office area to keep up to date with the current situation. The manager or acting manager will manage the situation dependent upon the information available. If the nursery is in immediate danger of an intruder, the police will be called as a matter of urgency. In other cases where the situation has been alerted by the police or local area authority then the nursery will await further instructions.

Once the all-clear has been given externally, the manager will issue the all-clear internally. After this time the staff will try to return to normal practice to enable the children not to be disrupted or upset by the events.

Any children showing worries or concerns will have one to one time with their key person to talk about these.

Parents will be informed about the situation at the earliest safest opportunity and will be kept updated when the information changes.

After the event a post-incident evaluation will be conducted to ensure that each child and staff member was supported fully and the procedure went as planned. Ofsted will be informed.

Regular drills will be held to practice exercising the lock down procedures, using non-alarming scenarios.

This policy was adopted on Signed on behalf of the nursery Date for review
31/10/2023 Chevelle White October 2024



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