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Volunteering policy

At Rabbit Patch Day Nursery we recognise the benefits volunteering can have and bring to the setting and encourage giving the opportunity for people to do so.

Status of volunteers:

A volunteer is not an employee and is not paid b the company. Volunteers are not included in ratios and are supervised at all time.

We do encourage all volunteers to follow all nursery policies and procedures to ensure consistency, safety and a high standard of the quality of care received within the setting.

Enhanced Disclosed and Barring Service check (DBS):

All volunteers will have suitability checks conducted in the same way as paid employees. This will include an enhanced DBS check. These checks will be conducted before any volunteer starts their time within the nursery and will also include a written or verbal reference.


Volunteers will be offered training and/or support as appropriate. During the volunteering period if any training, The purpose of this is to enable the volunteer to be supported and enhance their development in their voluntary role within our team.

Policies and procedures:

Volunteers are expected to comply with all the nursery’s policies and procedures. The volunteer’s induction process will include an explanation of this.


Volunteers should not disclose information about the nursery, staff, children and families as stated in the confidentiality policy and should follow the nursery confidentiality procedure at all times.

Volunteer support:

The nursery will nominate a senior member of staff who will take the volunteer through their induction and support and advise them throughout their time in the nursery.

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