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Settling in policy 2020

When your child is due to start nursery for the first time this can be a difficult time for both children and parents. There may be anxieties from the parents due to separating from the child for the first time or feelings of guilt. There may also be anxieties from the child if this is the first time they have been in a nursery setting or away from their home environment.

At Rabbit Patch we aim to ensure the parents feel just as welcome and settled as the children in our care.

The nursery staff will work in partnership with parents and carers to settle children into the nursery environment by:

  • Gathering information from the parents/carers on the initial settling in session
  • Getting to know the child through settling sessions
  • Learning about the child, immediate family and who and what is important to them
  • Any healthcare requirements or specific needs so we can ensure appropriate steps are taken to keep the children safe

The first settle takes place with the parent/carer, to help us gather information.  Since the Coronavirus pandemic we have slightly changed our approach but are still inviting parents to the settles. These are now taking place in the garden or surrounding areas.

On the second settle, depending on whether the child needs this, we will ask parent/carers to leave them to see how they fair.

Parents/ carers may sit in their cars in the carpark to be close by or leave the premises if they feel comfortable with this.

Feedback will be given verbally and photos taken and uploaded to Tapestry, the child’s learning journal, to keep parents informed about what is happening in their child’s day.

We understand at Rabbit Patch, that all children are different and what may suit one child may not work for another.

This is where the importance of building trusting and secure relationships with both parents/carers and children is paramount.

If you or your child has difficulty settling, we can arrange a personalised meeting and discuss which are the next best options to take.

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