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Safer recruitment policy

Reason for Policy:

This policy describes the effective system we have in place at Rabbit Patch Day Nursery to recruit staff, volunteers and students to help. This policy supports us to determine whether an individual is suitable to work, be responsible for, and have regular contact with children. It is crucial that our recruitment culture helps to identify and eliminate people who might pose a safeguarding or welfare threat. This policy also covers the recruitment of ex-offenders and is made available to all enhanced disclosure applicants at the outset of the recruitment process.


Rabbit Patch Day Nursery are committed to the fair treatment of its staff, potential staff and users of its services, regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, responsibilities for dependants, age, disability or offending background. We actively promote equality of opportunity for all with the right mix of talent, skills and potential and welcome applications from a wide range of candidates.    We select all candidates for interview based on their skills, qualifications and experience.

Our effective recruitment procedure for paid employees:

  • An enhanced disclosure is always carried out for any positions at Rabbit Patch. All application forms. Job adverts and recruitment briefs will contain a statement that an enhanced disclosure will be requested in the event of the individual being offered the position.
  • Candidates will receive a job description and person specification for the role they applied for.
  • Candidates applying for a position must complete our application form and hand us an up to date curriculum vitae.
  • Full employment history is asked for on our application form. Employment history will be discussed in the interview and candidates will be asked to explain any gaps.
  • Two written references are required on the application form, the candidate’s last employer will always be asked for a reference.
  • Original copies of candidates qualification certificates will be seen by the manager and copies will be made.
  • Short-listed candidates are required to attend an interview. During the first interview, a right to work in the uk form is completed with the candidate to make sure they can legally work in uk.
  • If candidates are successful at their interview, they may be required to come back for a stay and play with the children.

Once an offer of employment has been made:

  • An enhanced Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check is carried out for all employees. During this check we will ask for 3 original identity documents. If a person is using the DBS update service then we will ask for the reference number and check the DBS online.
  • Rabbit Patch pay for the first DBS check to be carried out, the full payment of the DBS check will be required to be repaid by the applicant, if the applicant does not complete the 6 months probationary period.
  • A health declaration form is completed which must satisfy us that the candidate is suitable to care for children.
  • A photographic id will be taken and photocopied for the staffs personal file to support the candidate’s right to work in the UK.
  • Both referees will be contacted, and references sought.
  • A probationary period of a minimum of 6 months is set.
  • A disclosure of criminal record and disqualification declaration for early year’s settings is completed annually, if the person is employed for more than a year.

Specific procedures relating to ex-offenders:

Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar you from working with us. This will depend on the nature of the position and the circumstances and background of your offences. We encourage all applicants called for interview to provide details of their criminal record when at an early stage in the application process. We request that this information is sent under separate, confidential cover to the Manager and we guarantee that this information will only be seen by those who need to see it as part of the recruitment process.

Unless the nature of the position allows Rabbit Patch Day Nursery to ask questions about your criminal record, we only ask about unspent convictions as defined in the rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. We ensure that all those at Rabbit Patch Day Nursery who are involved in the recruitment process have been suitably trained to identify and assess the relevance and circumstances of offences. We also ensure that they have received appropriate guidance and training in the relevant legislation relating to the employment of ex-offenders e.g. the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.

At Interview or in a separate discussion we ensure that an open and measured discussion takes place on the subject of any offences or other matter that might be relevant to the position. Failure to reveal information that is directly relevant to the position sought could lead to withdrawal of an offer of employment. We make certain that every subject of a DBS is aware of the existence of the DBS code of Practice and make a copy available, upon request. We endeavour to discuss any matter revealed in an enhanced disclosure with the person seeking the position before withdrawing a conditional offer of employment.

Our effective recruitment procedure for volunteers:

(we class these as adults of 18 years old and over)

  • All candidates are required to attend an interview; however, completing an application form is not necessary.
  • If candidates are successful at their first interview they may be invited back for a stay and play with the children.
  • Once interviews have been completed two references will be sought.
  • Original copies of any candidate’s qualification certificates will be seen, and copies will be made, however this may not apply to all volunteers, especially those new to early years.
  • An Enhanced Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check is completed (we do accept the update service) which the volunteer may be asked to pay for. During this check we will ask for identity documentation (originals).
  • A disclosure of criminal record and disqualification declaration for early year’s settings is completed annually, if the person volunteers for more than a year.
  • A photocopy of 1 item of photographic ID is taken.

Our effective recruitment procedure for students:

  • All students are required to attend an interview.
  • A reference from the school or college will be sought.
  • All students 16 years and above require an Enhanced Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check (we do accept the update service), which the student or college/ school may be asked to pay for. During this check we will ask for identity documentation (originals).
  • All students under 16 years old will require two references; one from the school/ college and one personal reference.

Rabbit Patch will ensure:

  • During probation periods, paid employees are given support to enable them to follow Rabbit Patch’s policies and procedures as set out in the staff induction document and policy folder.
  • Enhanced DBS check has come back with a suitable result. Rabbit Patch Day Nursery complies fully with the DBS Cod of Practice and endeavours to treat all applicants for positions fairly. Disclosure information is only used for the specific purpose for which it was requested. For example: suitability for working, either paid or voluntarily within the setting, and for which the applicant’s full consent has been given. Rabbit Patch undertakes not to discriminate unfairly against any subject of a Disclosure on the basis of a conviction or other information revealed.
  • Students and volunteers are never left alone with the children.
  • No candidate is treated unfairly on any grounds including race, colour, nationality, ethic or national origin, religion or religious belief, sex or sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age, and offending background.
  • The company called Online Disclosures will usually be used for all Enhance Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) checks.

Staff leaving Rabbit Patch:

Every staff member who leaves the employment of Rabbit Patch will be offered an exit interview. This will be with Alex Tabor the Owner of the setting. Any information supplied during the exit interview is confidential, although relevant feedback which could help improve practice or the experience of staff at Rabbit Patch is fed back discretely on a no names basis as part of the appraisal system. We hope this will improve Rabbit Patch as an employer and give the staff a chance to offer feedback on their experience with us.

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 Policy adopted: December 2020                               Review Date: December 2021

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