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Online safety (incl. mobile phones and cameras)

Mobile phone and other devices that accept calls, messages, video calling or can take photograph’s and communicate with others outside of the setting:

Here at Rabbit Patch Day Nursery, we promote the safety and welfare of all the children in our care. We believe our staff should be completely attentive during their hours of working to ensure all children in the nursery receive good quality care and education.

To ensure the safety and well-being of our children we do not allow staff to use any personal mobile phone, smartwatches and/ or fitbits that have the ability to send/receive calls or messages. (Watches that have sole use for fitness tracking are permitted.)

Mobile phones and tablets that are supplied by the nursery can be used in rooms as a means of contact in certain circumstances such as outings. The sole use of these phones and tablets are to take pictures and record observations for the children’s online learning journals (Tapestry). This policy is to be used in conjunction with our Online Safety Policy to ensure all children are kept safe when using the nurseries devices online.

At no time should the tablets or phones be used to access sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or any other sites used for social networking, communication or anything not work related. Anyone found to be using these sites without prior permission from management may be subject to disciplinary action.

Staff must adhere to the following:

Mobile phones/ Smartwatches/ Fitbits are either turned off or on silent and are not accessed during working hours.
Mobile phones/ Smartwatches/ Fitbits are only used on designated breaks and only in the designated areas, staff room and office.
Mobile phones/ Smartwatches/ Fitbits are to be stored safely in staffs bags/ lockers in the staff room or in the office with the senior management team.
No personal device is allowed to be connected to the nursery wifi (RabbitPatchDayNursery) instead if needed can only be connected to the guest wifi set up on the premises.
The use of nursery devices, such as tablets, must only be used for nursery purposes.
Any apps downloaded on to the nursery devices must only be done by a member of the management team. This will ensure only age appropriate and safe apps will be accessible to the staff and children using them.
Passwords / passcodes for nursery devices must not be shared with anyone outside of the nursery or written down in any form.
During outings, staff will use mobile phones belonging to the nursery (Nokia 3310) and not use their own mobile devices to make emergency calls to the nursery or police only.
Only nursery owned phones, cameras and tablets will be used to take pictures of the children at the setting.
Any photos taken purposely for the Facebook marketing page will only be uploaded by a member of the management team.
Nursery devices will not be taken home with staff and will remain secure at the setting when not in use.

Actions that may be taken:

Any misuse of any of the nursery devices may lead to disciplinary action.
Any misuse of personal devices in the nursery setting may lead to disciplinary action.

Parents and visitors use of mobile phones and smartwatches

Whilst we recognise that there may be emergency situations which necessitate the use of a mobile telephone, to ensure the safety and welfare of children in our care and share information about the child’s day. However, parents and visitors are kindly asked to refrain from using their mobile telephones whilst in the nursery or when collecting or dropping off their children.

If you are found to be using your phone inside the nursery premises you will be asked to finish the call or take the call outside. We do this to ensure the safeguarding of all children within the setting. It is also important time for communication when dropping off and picking up as this is quality handover opportunity where we can share details about your child.

Visitors are requested to leave their mobile phone or smart watch in the safety of the office where they will be locked away safely.

Photographs and Videos

Here at Rabbit Patch Day Nursery we recognise that photographs and video recording play a vital part in the life of the nursery. We ensure that any photographs or recordings taken of the children in our nursery are only done with prior written permission from each child’s parent and only share photos with parents in a secure manner. This permission is obtained when a child registers with us and we update it on a yearly basis to ensure that the permission still stands.

We ask for individual permissions for photographs and video recordings for a range of purposes including use for the child’s online learning journal; sharing pictures of special events; displaying and marketing purposes of the nursery.

We ensure that parents understand that images of their child will be shared with other parents via tapestry. This could be when they appear in a joint observation in a child’s learning journal or when shared as evidence of a celebration or other event. If a parent is not happy about one or more of these uses, we will respect their wishes and find alternative ways of recording their child’s progress and development.

Staff are not permitted to take any photographs or recordings of a child on their own digital devices e.g. cameras, mobiles, tablets or smartwatches and may only use those provided by the nursery. The nursery management team will monitor all photographs and recordings to ensure that the parents wishes are met and children are safeguarded.

Parents are not permitted to use any recording device or camera (including those on mobile phones or smartwatches) on the nursery premises without prior consent of the manager.

During special events and celebrations, staff will produce group photographs for parents via tapestry. We ask that photos of events and celebrations are not posted on any social media websites / areas without permission from parents of all children included in the picture.

*All devices will be cleared within a 28 day period.

Online Learning Journals (Tapestry)

Here at Rabbit Patch Day Nursery we use tablets in the rooms to take photos of the children and record these directly on to their electronic learning journals. We ensure that these devices are used for this purpose only and do not install applications such as social media or messaging sites on to these devices.

We also do routine check’s to ensure that emails and text messages (where applicable) have not been sent from these devices and remind staff of the whistleblowing policy if they do observe staff not following appropriate safeguarding procedures or policies.

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