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Induction policy

When joining the setting as an employee or volunteer an induction checklist is undertaken and signed off by the manager of the setting.

A written plan of the following will be read and signed.

Policies and procedures
Fire drills and exit routes
Introduction to the staff, children, and parents/carers
Familiarisation with where information needed to efficiently run the rooms is kept
Confidential information on a need to know basis
Our ethos and setting future goals
Training and development opportunities

The induction period is time for the employee to learn and understand the environment as all settings are different. We have an open-door policy at Rabbit Patch, so any questions or conversations are welcomed at any time.

When an employee reaches the six-month stage a probation review will be held.

The individual should be able to demonstrate a good understanding of policies and procedures, safeguarding and general routine undertaken throughout the day.

Following the induction, 3 monthly supervisions and yearly appraisals are conducted. This is done to ensure we can support the staff in any area, be it learning and development or talking about mental health. At Rabbit Patch we respect all our employees as individuals and understand that it is important to talk.

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