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e-safety policy


At Rabbit Patch Day Nursery, we recognise the value that communication and technology plays in the learning and development of the children. Children are given regular access to ICT equipment, to develop skills that are vital life-long learning.

We acknowledge that there are potential risks involved, and therefore follow this policy to ensure E-Safety is followed for the benefit of the children, parents, staff and visitors to the pre-school.

It is our intention to provide an environment in which children, parents and staff are safe from images being recorded and inappropriately used in turn eliminating the following concerns: 1) Staff being distracted from their work with children; 2) The inappropriate use of mobile phone cameras around children.


Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment:
Only ICT equipment belonging to the setting is used by staff and children.
Management is responsible for ensuring all ICT equipment is safe and fit for purpose.
All computers have virus protection installed.
Management ensure that safety settings are set to ensure that inappropriate material cannot be accessed.
Internet use:
Children do not normally have access to the internet and never have unsupervised access.
If staff access the internet with children for the purposes of promoting their learning, written permission is gained from parents who are shown this policy.
The designated person has overall responsibility for ensuring that children and young people are safeguarded and risk assessments in relation to online safety are completed.
Children are taught the following stay safe principles in an age-appropriate way prior to using the internet.
ü Only to go online with a grown up
ü Be kind Online
ü Keep information about me safely
ü Only press buttons on the internet to do things I understand
ü Tell a grown up if something makes me unhappy on the internet.

Designated persons will also seek to build children’s resilience in relation to issues they may face in the online world, and will address issues such as staying safe, having appropriate friendships, asking for help if unsure, not keeping secrets as part of social and emotional development in age-appropriate ways.
If a second-hand computer is purchased or donated to the setting, the designated person will ensure that no inappropriate material is stored on it before children use it.
All computers for use by children are located in an area clearly visible to staff.
Children are not allowed to access social networking sites.
Staff report any suspicious or offensive material, including material which may incite racism, bullying or discrimination to the Internet Watch Foundation at
Suspicions that an adult is attempting to make inappropriate contact with a child on-line is reported to the National Crime Agency’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center at
The designated person ensures staff have access to age-appropriate resources to enable them to assist children to use the internet safely.
If staff become aware that a child is the victim of cyber-bullying, they discuss this with their parents and refer them to sources of help, such as the NSPCC on 0808 8005000 or, or ChildLine on 08001111 or
Staff using personal computers at home for the purposes of work are made aware that they should be protected by secure passwords and have recognised spyware software installed.

Staff do not access personal or work emails whilst supervising children.
Staff to send personal information by encrypted email and share information securely at all times.
Children are not permitted to use emails in the setting. Parents and children are not permitted to use nursery equipment to access personal emails unless prior permission has been given by management.

Emails from home:
It is recognised that the staff team and management may communicate via email outside of working hours. Rabbit Patch advises that any personal devices used by staff and management are locked with a security password and have spyware software installed.

All emails/ messages should adhere to the following:

The names of children should not be used and instead initials of the child will be used in place of their names but kept to a minimum.
Correspondence should be polite, respectful and remain professional
Any abuse or breaches of confidentiality by any staff members / management associated with the nursery is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated and disciplinary action may be taken.
All suspected cases must be reported, Rabbit Patch will record all incidents and act on them immediately.

Social Media:

Rabbit Patch Day Nursery does have 2 Facebook pages, 1 closed group and 1 open group we also have an Instagram account. These pages do feature the children of the nursery but only with prior written consent from the parents when they join us here at Rabbit Patch.

Confidentiality by staff is ensured within their terms and conditions of employment, any reported breach of confidence is considered gross misconduct and will result in instant dismissal.
Uploading of any photos should only be done by a member of the management team. Parents have the ability to upload their own photos from home.
Staff and parents are aware that any photos that are uploaded to social media must not be shared or downloaded. Anyone shown to be in breach of these policies may be liable for instant dismissal or loss of placement here at Rabbit Patch.
Students on commencement of placement sign to say they will abide by our student policy and maintain confidentiality at all times. Any reported breach of this agreement will result in immediate termination of their placement with Rabbit Patch, and notification will be sent to their educational establishment.
All staff are aware and understand that they must not befriend parents on social media or talk about any nursery business online.

Camera’s / Mobile phones / Smartwatches:
Under no circumstances should personal camera’s, mobile phones or smartwatches be anywhere in the nursery except the staff room or the office.
(Please see the mobile phone and digital devices policy.)

Further Guidance:

NSPCC and CEOP keeping children safe online training:


The responsibilities of the management team are:

To ensure that all members of staff have read and understood this policy, and to make them aware of the severity of their actions should they choose not to follow this policy and put it into practice.
To make sure the parents are aware of this policy.

The responsibilities of the staff are:

To read and confirm understanding of this policy
To work in accordance with the terms of this policy

The responsibilities of parents are:

To be aware of this policy and what measures can be taken at home to keep children safe from harm regarding e-safety.

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