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Animals in the setting

Here at Rabbit Patch Day Nursery, we are fortunate enough to have animals on site that we care for. We have 2 rabbits, 2 guinea Pigs, 2 hens, 1 cockerel and a pond with several living wildlife such as, fish and frogs. With this privilege of having animals incorporated in our day to day running of the nursery comes great responsibility and safety for both animals, staff, and the children.

Caring for the animals is part of the nursery routine and the staff all made aware of this in the interview process. If a staff member is not comfortable with the handling of the animals, this must not be portrayed to the children, but this is accommodated and supported at our nursery.
This policy sets out the safety and care procedures we take at the nursery when engaging with the animals.

Here at Rabbit Patch:

We provide suitable housing for the animal or creature and ensure this is cleaned out regularly and is kept safe.
Our staff are knowledgeable of all the animal’s welfare and dietary needs and ensure that the correct food is offered at the appropriate times. (Each room has a booklet stating the needs of each animal at this nursery and we revise this regularly)
We teach the children and staff the correct handling of the animals to avoid any harm or injury to both animals, children, and staff.
We ensure the children have washed their hands after handling the animals and the food
We carry out and review risk assessment when children are accessing the animals- please see our animal enclosure risk assessment for more information
We have suitable arrangements in place for the care of the animals and cleaning out of their homes over the holiday periods
We ensure the animals are fed and watered daily and encourage the children to be involved in this activity
We provide seats and shelter within the pens so the children can comfortably and safely interact with the animals
The hen’s eggs are collected, dated, and washed daily with the children and delivered to our on-site chef

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