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As a setting we comply with government guidelines in keeping our setting a smoke free environment. We do not encourage smoking but respect that it is an individual decision to do so.


  • A secluded smoking area at the front of the nursery is the designated smoking area. This is equipped with an ashtray to discourage the littering of cigarette butts
  • The ashtray is the responsibility of those who use it, emptying it in outside bins and ensuring general maintenance.
  • Staff are to ensure they cover the logo of the uniform if smoking publicly, before/during or after work to prevent any misconceptions of the company.
  • Staff are to make every effort to reduce the smell and risk of passive smoke to the setting by changing or at least cover their clothes.
  • E-cigarettes are not permitted for use inside the building. They must be used in the designated smoking area.
  • During working hours, anyone seen smoking in any area other than the DSA will be issued with a warning in receipt of this policy.

Parents/carers and visitors:

  • Parents/carers and visitors will be directed and encouraged to use the designated smoking area secluded at the front of the building if needed.
  • Parents/carers or visitors caught smoking anywhere other than the DSA will be asked to extinguish the cigarette and dispose of it accordingly. This policy may then be referred to.

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