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Making a complaint

Here at Rabbit Patch, we aim to achieve the highest standards in the care given to all children and seeks to make and maintain positive and enabling relationships with the parents, carers, and families of all that access our setting. We do understand however, that unfortunately sometimes parents or carers may not be satisfied with the service provided by the setting and advise for you to follow the procedures listed below.

All complaints must be dealt with professionally and promptly to minimise escalation and ensure the welfare of the children.

In the event of a minor complaint, parents and carers are advised to take these issues up with the child’s Keyperson or Room leader of the room the child is attending.
If the complaint is of a more significant nature, we advise that parents/carers address their concerns to either the Manager or Deputy Manager in their absence. We aim to reply to any formal complaints in writing within a 3-day time frame and these will be kept confidential and stored correctly. The outcome of the complaint will be documented and kept within the complaints file for future reference.

Chevelle White:
Benjamin Joseph:

If the complaint cannot be resolved by myself or the Deputy Manager, the owner of the nursery may be contacted directly.
Alexandra Tabor:

If the complaint is not resolved by the managers or owner, the complainant should go contact Ofsted who are responsible for the registration and inspection at the nursery.

Applications, Regulatory and Contact (ARC) Team
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
Manchester M1 2WD
Tel 0300 123 123

In the event of a staff member making a complaint the following procedure is to be followed:

All complaints must be reported directly to the Manager or Deputy Manager. We will then decide how to proceed depending on the severity and situation.

If the complaint is regarding the Manager or Deputy Manager, the employee should contact Alexandra Tabor. See email address above.

Please see Allegations made against a staff member policy regarding an allegation made by a child.

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