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Babysitting Policy

It can be very difficult trusting someone to look after your child/ren when needed, that is why here at Rabbit Patch, we do not encourage but are not against babysitting for the children at our setting.

The following rules apply when babysitting for a child at the setting:

A babysitting waiver must be signed by the practitioner, parent, and manager of the nursery. This will explain that the nursery is not affiliated with the babysitting arrangement and anything that takes place should be discussed and arranged not during working hours.

Although the nursery takes no responsibility for the staff member out of working hours, we do understand that the employee is representing the company. We therefore expect all our employees to always act responsibly.

In no way should the arrangements to babysit for a child at the setting interfere with the day to day running of the setting or an employees scheduled work hours.

If a parent/carer would like a staff member to take the child back to their home after their session has finished to commence babysitting, the nursery management team must be informed and information of ‘people who can collect’ must be added to the child’s file.

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