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If you are interested in Rabbit Patch Day Nursery for your child or you are interested in working for us, please fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can call us on 07591 725103

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The garden is our pride a joy and ongoing project with the children.

We have a large open space full of learning opportunites! Just off the decking you will find our patio surrounded in a sensory garden which the children can walk around and help us look after. Our two rabbits Reggio and Emilio will also be around this area, looking for some food and attention.

To the side of the garden there is a wood chip path leading to our construction and digging area. On from that are the hills which the children can move over and between. Next you will find our secure pond. We could not pass up this learning opportunity, the children will be invited down to the pond by a member of staff, two if needed to help us feed the fish and see what has stopped by for a drink!

The garden is full of established trees, like our beautiful Willow Tree and line of Silver Birches.

To the far left of the garden, you will find the area we have saved for our future vegetable patches, hen house and eventual home for Reggio and Emilio.

We are looking forward to hearing the children's and parents ideas for this ever developing space.



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