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A modern, homely, beautiful setting based in a wooden clad purpose built building for your children to grow and thrive in.

Our amazing garden and woods attatched has been designed to enhance the land we are on and will provide the children with a wide variety of natural spaces to learn and explore in.


Silver Birch Room

Our Silver Birch room caters for children aged 2 to 3 years old. Silver Birch is situated in the centre of our nursery and enjoys the same access to the outside through a large set of doors leading on to a sectioned off part of the decking covered by a canopy so they can enjoy their own outdoor space before reaching the larger garden space.

We provide a seamless link between the inside and outside so children can move freely between the two. This means that the children’s play is not hindered by strict timings and allows them to become fully immersed in their learning, discovery and independence.

The Willow Tree room caters for 3-5 years old children and is situated in a bright airy room to the left of the nursery and looks out on to the garden’s fruit trees, hills and pond to inspire young imaginations. The Willow Tree room gives the children opportunity to learn and discover through natural open-ended resources to develop their imagination and creative expression alongside a sensory room inside.

Within this room the children will have access to two bathroom cubicles dedicated to this age group.

Here at Rabbit Patch we understand the importance of transitioning into school from nursery and this journey can differ for each child.  Our aim to support and encourage all children individually to cater to their individual needs.

The Catkins Room

The Catkins room caters for children 3 months to 2 years. This room can hold up to 6 children who will have access to a variety of resources which will encourage their development in all areas.

The Catkins room is placed in a quiet spot at the end of the nursery to ensure our babies are uninterupted by noise during sleep periods. This room has a cornered off section of decking specifically for the babies to enjoy the outside area. Catkins have a warm, sensory feel with a black and white area and cosy corner to encourage a safe and home to home feel for the babies, as well as lots of natural light.


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