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If you are interested in Rabbit Patch Day Nursery for your child or you are interested in working for us, please fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can call us on 07591 725103

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Welcome to Rabbit Patch Day Nursery

Welcome to Rabbit Patch Day Nursery!

We are an independent purpose built nursery based in Plummers Plain, only a 10 minute drive away from Horsham.

Our nursery is based on an acre plot of land surrounded by 3 acres of woodlands with the owner Alex and her family attending the nursery and living on site in their own home.

We care for children aged between 3 months and 5 years old. We have a wonderful garden where we will encourage the children to become involved in its ongoing development and explore nature by growing plants and caring for our small animals. We operate out of a modern building with lots of space, natural materials, beautiful furniture and plenty of natural light.

We work with the Early Years National Curriculum which allows us to support the children’s learning in the seven areas of development whilst using a child lead approach. 

If you are interested in Rabbit Patch for your child please contact the nursery manager Chevelle on 01403891976 or download and complete an online enquiry form.


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Our daughter started at “Bunny” patch as she calls it a month ago, and wow what can we say she loves it as do we. Alex and her team go beyond the extra mile, they are caring and nurturing, and the environment is calm and clean and inspiring.

Our 2 year old L loves it there! The facilities are stunning, and the garden is just amazing. Love the fact that it focuses so much on getting in touch with nature.

Rabbit Patch Day Nursery is amazing and worth meeting Alex for a tour

My two go to Rabbit Patch in Plummers Plain. Huge outdoor area, lots of learning toys, sensory, creativity, home cooked hot meals, caring and fun staff.

Rabbit Patch is amazing.

Hi Alex,

Just a note to say thanks you again for all the effort you and your team made to make B's birthday party special, with extra special thanks to Mandy for the lovely food and the really original birthday cake.

B had a great time and it concluded a very happy period in his life, while he was attending the nursery.

He's looking forward to starting to school on Wednesday so thanks again for all the groundwork that you put in with him at Rabbit Patch.

“My first time in Horsham was stunning! Such a peaceful and marvellous landscape welcomed me and it was lovely to see Alex Tabor after more than one year from Reggio study tour. I spent a day at Rabbit Patch Day Nursery and everything made me calm but also inspired. Everyone there was allowed to be as they were, which can be the significant aspect to feel comforted and thrive confidently. Also, the inspirational environment could encourage children to invest their play from their curiosity! They meet the variety of beauty in the garden and that will harvest the sense of wonder in each season. Significantly, the warm-hearted practitioners can support them and create the required situation and opportunity. I am so pleased to meet you all and learn from you all, thank you so so much and congratulations on the first year of the nursery! I hope you develop your work with the community and the families more and more in the second year!”

“My shirt is covered in paint, my shoes are covered in mud, and my face is covered in a smile. I love meeting passionate people and spending time in rich environments for children. Thank you Alex and your team at Rabbit Patch Day Nursery”

Rabbit Patch

Our approach

We inspire children to become strong, capable and resilient learners who are able to explore their creative sides. The garden will be used in all weathers as we aim for the children to develop a love for nature and their community by providing a homely, safe and friendly atmosphere.

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Rabbit Patch

Our promise

We promise to provide a warm, friendly environment with inspiring surroundings and education.

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Our task is to help children communicate with the world using all their potential, strengths and languages, and to overcome any obstacle

Loris Malaguzzi, Founder of the Reggio Emilia approach

Our fees

Our fees represent the environment and facilities provided, as well as the staff who will be accessible to you and your children for support, guidance and care. Fees start from £40.00.

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Our facilities

A bespoke, modern yet natural and open environment which encourages children to be creative and independent while interacting with others to explore their ideas. Our garden is equipped with various areas to provide for endless learning opportunities.

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Our team

Here you can meet the team behind Rabbit Patch Day Nursery!


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Rabbit Patch Day Nursery,
Willow Cottage Handcross Road,
Plummers Plain,
West Sussex,
RH13 6NX

Phone numbers:

01403 891976
07591 725103

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8am - 6pm